The NPC Tournament (2)

The NPC Tournament (2)

July 28, 2012 by in The Show with  Comments, 211 views Views

Here we are once more on the field of battle.

Eight contestants have come forward to fight for the glory and honor of victory! Only, their fate is in YOUR hands..

    • Round 1 will see 4 pairs of combatants pair off and eliminate their foes
    • Round 2 will the survivors pair up for another battle, with only ONE elimination
  • Round 3 will be a triple threat match where only 2 will advance
  • Final Round, will be the two remaining NPC’s, who will fight to the death!!

  • Tunare, faced with the prospects of mortal combat with a duck and a rag doll, has withdrawn from the competition entirely.
  • Now it comes down to an all out, knock down, drag-out, slap fest between Billy and Quackers!!


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