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Happy New Year!

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This is it!  By the time I’ve posted this note, New Zealand has already celebrated!  Let the fireworks fly!  Grab hold of your loved ones and plant a deep kiss.. this is the biggest global celebration!  Join the party!  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Elquin and I are being joined by our good friends, Krellick and […]

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Podcast Updates!!

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OK, the Jethal Silverwing Show Podcasts are Current through the 22nd of December, and I’ll be editing this week’s show tonight for posting! ENJOY!! Click Here for Podcast List

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Calthine, from ZAM.COM has posted an article about an EQ2 player who sucessfully leveled from  1 to 80 in 7 hours??  Very impressive to say the least.. but can Jethal do it??  I’ll be updating this post with my attempt results as soon as Elquin and I find a day to hit the grind!! Brand […]

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Thank you so much

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I must give a big thank you to the members of the Legion of Kithicor who came to assist in the Upkeep of the Guild Hall this week.  48 hours after the call for help went out, we have accumulated more than enough plat and status to last us for a long time. But, I […]

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Jethal and Elquin discuss the passed year’s events.. the good the bad and the down right miserable.  Where in Norrath is Cheesit Nibble’buns?  We’re gettin all sparkly and dropping the New-Years ball, cause it’s the Jethal Silverwing Show! [Tune In] [Jethals Parodies] [Contact us] [Podcasts] Tuesdays at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific As Always, Join us […]

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There’s Still Time!!

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Purchase a Station Cash Card at any retailer.. and until the 3rd of January, you will recieve DOUBLE value when you activate it.. so, a $10.00 card (worth 1,000 SC) would be redeemed for 2,000 SC!!  But, do it quick, you only have until January 3rd!

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Good as it gets

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Well, I think I got everything ready to go here, unfortunately, there’s no way to retrieve the months of lost news posting that were lost.. but the site itself is back and that’s the important thing.

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Getting there…

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The site is coming back together quicker than I thought.. but, there’s simply no way to retreive the lost news postings.  Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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Ever get that warning before you upgrade your WordPress Site that says “Please back up your database before proceeding” ?  I didn’t..  I’m working on getting the site up and running again.. yeah, I’m an idiot.. This is a media link for testing purposes

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Did you miss out on a mission or want to plan an level appropriate group for your guild or maybe you are just searching for a mobby doll that cool? If  so then you might find my list useful.  It is a listing of all known missions from the Chronomages along with photos of the […]

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