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Station Cash – a year of bling

2010-01-06 by in Gaming News,  , 48 views 

It’s been a year since Station Cash was introduced by Sony Online Entertainment, and the world is still OK, monkeys haven’t gone on a rampage killing the innocent – has the thought of Micro Transactions ticked off a few people?  Yes, most definitely… Even I, your friendly singer of Parody and Madness, wrote a song […]

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Updated Forums

2010-01-06 by in Legion News,  , 63 views 

We’ve updated the forums at with a new system, everything else should work just the same – if not, better.  If you have any issues logging in, contact Jethal and we’ll get you up and running asap. Click Here for the New Forums

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No Jethal Show this Week

2010-01-05 by in The Show,  , 60 views 

The Jethal Silverwing Show will not be seen this week, so that we may bring you the following commercial announcement… /sings:  “You can get anything you want, at Alice’s Restaurant…” …That is all [Tune In] [Jethals Parodies] [Contact us] [Podcasts] Tuesdays at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific As Always, Join us IN GAME by typing /join […]

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Windows Se7en Woes

2010-01-03 by in Uncategorized,  , 60 views 

Well, if research and advice I’ve been given, is correct.. I need to upgrade my computer to run Win7 and solve some of the video issues i’ve been having lately.  So, after this coming paycheck.. a new Power Supply and posibly 2 more gigs of Ram are in order.  Wish me luck!

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T’was the Night Before Frostfell…

2010-01-02 by in The Show,  , 60 views 

We’re proud to present, the Video for the winning entry to our “Night before Frostfell” contest!  Once more, congratulations to Lystella Lumerian of the Raven Guard (Antonia Bayle Server) and many thanks to all who helped put this production together.. Enjoy!!

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Cool Video

2009-12-31 by in Uncategorized,  , 61 views 

I’m an admitted WoW hater.. but, this is just too damned cool. [stream flv=x:/ width=600 height=400 img=image-preview.jpg bandwidth=high dock=true controlbar=over provider=youtube /]

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Happy New Year!

2009-12-31 by in Uncategorized,  , 88 views 

This is it!  By the time I’ve posted this note, New Zealand has already celebrated!  Let the fireworks fly!  Grab hold of your loved ones and plant a deep kiss.. this is the biggest global celebration!  Join the party!  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Elquin and I are being joined by our good friends, Krellick and […]

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Podcast Updates!!

2009-12-30 by in The Show,  , 84 views 

OK, the Jethal Silverwing Show Podcasts are Current through the 22nd of December, and I’ll be editing this week’s show tonight for posting! ENJOY!! Click Here for Podcast List

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Calthine, from ZAM.COM has posted an article about an EQ2 player who sucessfully leveled from  1 to 80 in 7 hours??  Very impressive to say the least.. but can Jethal do it??  I’ll be updating this post with my attempt results as soon as Elquin and I find a day to hit the grind!! Brand […]

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Thank you so much

2009-12-29 by in Legion News,  , 76 views 

I must give a big thank you to the members of the Legion of Kithicor who came to assist in the Upkeep of the Guild Hall this week.  48 hours after the call for help went out, we have accumulated more than enough plat and status to last us for a long time. But, I […]

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