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The Plague!!

2012-06-15 by in Real Life,  , 81 views 

Well, listeners to The Jethal Show will know that Elquin’s been sick for a few weeks.. today we got the diagnosis of “Whooping Cough”, aka “Pertussis“. The northwest has had quite an epidemic of the disease this year, and Elquin is not immune. Fortunately for myself, I got the vaccination just last month when I […]

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High End Norrathian

2012-06-11 by in The Show,  , 71 views 

Miss the show? Here’s the Podcast! [pro-player width=’100%’ height=’30’ type=’sound’][/pro-player] And here’s just the newly released song “High End Norrathian” [pro-player width=’100%’ height=’30’ type=’sound’][/pro-player] Join us this week as Jethal and Elquinjena chat it up and this week’s events and happenings – we introduce our new game “The Tonga-pult” – Jethal releases a NEW SONG!

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This week.. Jethal and Elquin announce the winner of the TDC Lyric Contest! What’s going on this week? What’s new? What’s Happening? What the hell are we gonna talk about? Tune in and Find Out!! [Tune In] [Jethals Parodies] [Contact us] [Podcasts] [Facebook] [Twitter] Tuesdays at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific As Always, Join us IN […]

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2012-06-02 by in Gaming News,  , 97 views 

Coming soon to a character near you.. um.. YOU!! The only thing that can really be said right now is.. HOLY SHIT Soon, we will be able to control the facial movements of our toons by way of web-cam. Talk and it’ll move your mouth. Look left or right, it seems to move your toon’s […]

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The City Festival!

2012-06-01 by in Gaming News,  , 77 views 

Come to the Faire! The City Faire travels from city to city on the 1st of every month, bringing you city specific items which may be placed in your house or guild hall. Check out the city reward galleries (listed below) for a better look! Jan/July – Gorowyn Faire Feb/Aug – Kelethin Faire

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This week, Elquin and Jethal welcome the Director of Global Community Relations for Sony Online Entertainment.. Linda “Brasse” Carlson! We’ll be discussing the current Poet’s Palace Decoration Contest, EverQuest II, Ale.. and of course, Drunken Goats! If you have any questions you’d like brought to Brasse’s attention, please make sure to leave a comment, below!

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SOE’s Dungeon Design Challenge!

2012-05-25 by in Gaming News,  , 84 views 

Dungeons made by EverQuest II players have impressed, inspired, and amazed us. We can hardly wait to see what you will do with the recently released Poet’s Palace Dungeon layout. To offer everyone a chance to show off their dungeon decorating skills, we’re pleased to announce the Poet’s Palace Dungeon Maker Forum Challenge!

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50% SC Back!

2012-05-25 by in Gaming News,  , 74 views 

HALF YOUR SC BACK! From now through Monday, May 28, 2012 at 11:59 pm Pacific we’re giving you instant rebates for half your Station Cash purchase price on almost everything in the Marketplace! What will you be picking up? – Piestro

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Double XP Weekend

2012-05-22 by in Gaming News,  , 81 views 

Source: Starting at 12:01 pm Pacific (Noon) on Friday, May 25, 2012, and lasting until 11:59 pm Pacific on Monday, May 28, 2012, we’ll offer Double Experience in EverQuest II! Take advantage of these three days and watch those XP bars fill up!

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TDC Lyric Contest

2012-05-22 by in Contests,  , 86 views 

CONGRATULATIONS TO (#14)Devina Taylor, WHO WON THE POSTER 6/5/12! Tonight on The Jethal Silverwing Show we’re announcing a contest where YOU can win a full sized Movie Poster for The Devil’s Carnival, signed by Terrance Zdunich and Darren Lynn Bousman.. here’s what we want you to do! Go to The Devil’s Carnival website, and listen […]

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