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Halloween Movies

2012-10-05 by in Real Life,  , 64 views 

At home, bored and don’t know what to do? I’ve got some ideas for great movies to watch this Halloween season. Keep in mind that I watch A LOT of horror movies, this is just the tip of the iceberg for me – I’ve got a library of 450+ titles. Have any suggestions? Leave a […]

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Costume Contest

2012-10-02 by in Contests,  , 56 views 

As we announced on The Jethal Show tonight, we’re hosting a Costume Contest!! We want to see the greatest Halloween Costume you’ve ever worn. Could be 2012, could be when you were seven.. we dont care. The costume we deem the best will win. What will you win?? One of Jethal’s favorite Horror Movies on […]

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The US Servers will come down on Tuesday, October 2, 2012, at 7:00 am Pacific for a hotfix. The EU Servers will come down on Wednesday, October 3, 2012, at 5:00 am London Time. The expected downtime for both US and EU servers is one hour.
Here’s our ha…

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On Thursday, October 4, 2012 SOE will be broadcasting Spotlight on Player Studio webcast live on Twitch TV. Join host Linda “Brasse” Carlson (Director, Global Community Relations) will interview Joe Shoopack (Director of Artistic Developme…

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The Jethal Show

2012-10-02 by in The Show,  , 85 views 

Join us tonight on the Jethal Silverwing Show! Jethal reveals more housing woes.. Elquin lays out another dragon.. Halloween is coming! What’s your costume this year? We wanna know. [Tune In] [Jethals Parodies] [Contact us] [Podcasts] [Facebook] [Twitter] Tuesdays at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific As Always, Join us IN GAME by typing /join antonia_bayle.ogr

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Today is the beginning of October, bringing us the Qeynos City Festival! The festival will run until October 7th at 11:59pm PDT. You can find the Far Seas Caravan in Antonica just beyond the bridge to North Qeynos.
Sanya Farshore, the General Goods mer…

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The City Festival!

2012-10-01 by in Gaming News,  , 46 views 

Come to the Faire! The City Faire travels from city to city on the 1st of every month, bringing you city specific items which may be placed in your house or guild hall. Check out the city reward galleries (listed below) for a better look! Jan/July – Gorowyn Faire Feb/Aug – Kelethin Faire Mar/Sept – […]

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What’s up in Oktober?

2012-09-28 by in Gaming News,  , 55 views 

From… Happy October, Norrathians! It’s the start of a new month, so here’s a peek at upcoming events! Qeynos City Festival – October 1-7, 2012 The Far Seas Trading Company is pleased to bring this traveling festival to Qeynos once again. The Qeynos City Festival is a highly-anticipated spectacle, in which all Norrathians may […]

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SOE just announced a 50% instant rebate sale, slated to run from Friday, September 28 through Sunday, September 30. From the site:

Beginning this Friday, you’ll get an instant rebate on almost anything** in the EverQuest II Marketplace!…

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EQ2 Caption Contest

2012-09-28 by in Contests,  , 54 views 

From The final month of the Facebook Quest is in full swing! If you help increase EverQuest II’s likes by 3,000 before October 10th, everyone who has logged in to game since going free-to-play will receive a Gigglegibber Goblin Illusion Stone. And that’s not all! Remember this is a competition between EverQuest and EverQuest […]

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