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Come to SOE Live

2014-06-17 by in Contests,  , 68 views 

Congratulations to DarkZephyr, for winning our caption contest with “Evac!! Evac!!” Winner was decided by Elquinjena who read a list of the entries without benefit of knowing who submitted them.   Elquin and I feel very lucky to be able to attend the 2014 SOE Live event in Las Vegas this year. We can’t wait […]

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Iron Portcullis

2014-06-15 by in Contests,  , 122 views 

SORRY FOLKS! I’M OUT OF KEYS! Thank you all for visiting! Hey, check out Jethal’s MMO Songs! I’ve set my army of Ratonga thieves into SOE’s super-secret labs and they came back with a horde of Iron Portculli! (what the hell is that?) it’s an iron gate.. here, look at the video… [youtube_sc url=”K_ltdDfmfkE”] […]

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Casting Call!

2014-06-14 by in Audio Video,  , 52 views 

Calling all inspiring Norrathian actors! Jethal and Elquinjena are ramping up for a new video production which will span.. EverQuest, EverQuest 2 and Landmark! What do you have to do? Keep an eye out here for a date and time for shooting. What are we looking for? EverQuest: Frogloks Trolls EverQuest 2: Evil Races Frogloks […]

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Want to win a Feather in a Bottle?

2014-06-01 by in Contests,  , 177 views 

Then come play the Maze game. Follow the rules for your chance to win! Maze Game Located in the NeverLeave Cemetery & Crematorium On Serenity-Shield Enter the maze from the Cemetery, check the eye color of the face on the wall. Green means game is going. Red means game has not reset yet. Make your […]

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Landmark Beta Keys!

2014-05-30 by in Gaming News,  , 85 views 

Have you been seeing all the posts and images from Jethal and Elquinjena on Facebook? Landmark looks good, doesn’t it? Don’t you want in on this? Now You Can!! This weekend, we sent Cheesit Nibblebuns into SOE Headquarters and he came back with pure gold!  Well, not real gold.. but we have a bunch of […]

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Still Looking for a Lunar Anklet?

2014-05-15 by in Contests,  , 89 views 

Still Looking for a Lunar Anklet? Well your in luck because Jethal and I have a few to give away! All you have to do is Find Me or Jethal in game and visit either of us in person, tell us why you think Landmark the Game is Awesome! We will then post your name […]

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Largest Swapmeet in Landmark

2014-04-19 by in EverQuest Next,  , 88 views 

Located on the Liberation – Rift landmass, just south of the hub you will find the largest swap-meet I have seen so far in Landmark. Covering 12 claims, Dasilva and his wife Freyia have been busy maintain this large and lovely swap-meet. Their Swap-meet is only open to the public for template coping during the […]

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Today I issue an assignment to my followers. I want you to be entertained. Phantom of the Paradise is one of my all-time favorite movies. It has drama, romance, horror, music, murder, mayhem and more! What else could you want? Well, I want my fans and friends to watch PotP and give me a review of […]

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Vox and Nagafen

2014-03-19 by in Audio Video,  , 62 views 

The touching story of Dragon Love.. the Greatest Love Story in Norrath. Download the MP3 Here There once was a Dragon… Lord Nagafen was exiled from the Ring of Scale for, as the stories say, attempting to mate with a white dragon. Despite being exiled, Nagafen’s power reached far an wide. For many years, […]

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EQNL – Surefall Glade

2014-03-17 by in Landmark,  , 152 views 

So… What’s Jethal been up to in EverQuest Next Landmark? Surefall Glade..

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