The Vale Watcher

The Vale Watcher

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*Note, the following story is true (in game RP), the young lady’s name has been changed to protect the not-so-innocent, hehe*

He dragged himself through the tunnel which connects Misty Thicket to Rivervale, tired, hot and not feeling too good about the way he must smell, after a long weekend of hunting. He set his gaze to the Weary-Foot Inn and the room he grew up in – which was kinda weird for a Wood Elf, but that’s another story.

The room was, well, small but cozy and was his home in this part of Norrath, not at all like his room at the Jade Tiger, large, luxurious and clean.. no this room was “cozy” at best. Rivervale was quiet; it was three in the morning and this was the perfect opportunity to get cleaned up.

He set his packs in the corner, stuffed full with roots and berries, old rusted or steel swords to clean up and sell, he set them down softly in a corner, trying desperately not to wake up anyone who may be staying in the Inn.

Removing his boots, he groaned a little in relief as circulation came rushing back to his aching feet – he unbuckled his belt and allowed his leggings to fall freely to the floor as his mail was pulled over his head and landed on the bed. Wrapping a towel around his waste, he snuck out the back door and quietly up the path to his destination.

It was a chilly night, but then, most nights are in the Vale. The falls kept a fine mist in the area and cooled the air year round. To the everyday traveler, the falls here were a novel sight, not as grand as the Great Divide, not by a long shot, but like the rest of Rivervale, it was quaint and cozy. Of course, the everyday traveler didn’t know about the small cave behind the falls, where a young elf now prepares to get cleaned up.

He lays his wrap on a dry rock and inspects himself for any unhealed damage.. to look at him, he is, perhaps a little smaller than your average elf, he’s always contributed his hobbit diet for that and besides, he’s also quicker and more nimble than his average brethren for it, so it trades off. His skin is light and completely hairless and now glistens in the mist of the falls, around his toned frame, save for a scarred patch on his left shoulder, blemish free, almost sporting a porcelain sheen in the moon light.

Being mindful of possible sleeping occupants of the nearby Inn, he slowly steps into the falls, the cool, crystal clear water now engulfing him in a very familiar embrace. His fingers run through his hair, allowing the water to his scalp, over his face.. then down to his chest and smooth abdomen, he turns to face into the cave as his hands glide down to his round and muscular cheeks, he kneads the globes for a moment then pauses.

“So, do you wish to join me.. or are you content to keep watching?” he said with a sly smile.

Her face flushed. Her eyes went wide. She was caught. Behind a bush on the side of the pond, she stood up revealing herself in the soft moonlight, obviously looking embarrassed.

She approached the falls, slowly, like a child expecting discipline, but this was certainly NOT her father – her eyes stared at the ground, in shame, but playfully glanced up to take him in.. he takes her by the hand and leads her to the small cave behind the falls, to a dry rock with his wrap on it. She sits and stares at the ground, still blushing, still wanting.

“Jeny?” He stood before her, arms folded as she’s seen many times before, scolding others for misdeeds.. she knew of his stern ways, he was after all – her guild leader. But, this time was a little different and out of the norm. She glanced down at the wrap, then back at his feet, then back up.. yep, he was completely naked.. she wished there was a rock she could crawl under.

“y-yes sir?” Her eyes went back to the ground quickly, her face flushed, she felt light headed as, even speaking softly, his voice echoed in the cave.

“Jeny.. where you spying on me?”

Her hands gripped each other, fidgeting, struggling for words she muttered and stammered “no, sir.. but I.. well.. you looked tired.. and they.. the dragon.. and..” She raised her head, and tried really hard to look him in the eyes, but came face to, “face” with the object she was hoping to see from the safety of the bushes outside. Her jaw dropped open. She managed to get a breathless “oh my” to escape her lips.

He took her by the hand and brought her to her feet.. he removed the comb which held her hair up away from swinging swords and the grime from battle and allowed her auburn mane to fall across her shoulders.. her mind went racing.. her knees felt weak at his touch.. “my lord?” her voice quivering.. “If you’re going to join me, Jeny.. you’ll need to take these off.” His eyes looked warm as she gazed up into them, then she felt the top button of her bodice pop open, she looked down to see his hands freeing her from it’s confines.

Jeny’s mind was swimming, she could not believe this was happening.. she shouldn’t do this with her guild leader.. what if others found out. The cool breeze upon her bare breasts brought her mind to focus as her bodice lay by her lord’s wrap, cares seem to leave her as she looked into his eyes. He unfastened her Flowing Silk Sash then slowly lowered himself to his knees.. his mouth softly brushing her warm, soft skin.. her nipples, now erect from the falls mist, wet and glistening, invited him and he graciously obliged, lightly flicking with his tongue, delighting in her soft gasps and moans.

He lead a trail from peaks to valley, her soft supple belly trembled ticklishly as he passed her navel.. she hears a *pop* and giggles as her lord spits out the button fastening her leggings. He smiles as she raises her hips and he uncovers her flawless legs, strong yet soft, toned calves.. only a wisping patch which proclaims her womanhood strikes her tanned body.

He rises to his feet, and looks upon her in her most natural form. “You’re more beautiful than I imagined, Jeny.. the heat of battle and trials of nature’s studies never found you as I do this evening” She blushed and started to shyly turn from him as he reached out and raised her into his arms, carrying her, they entered the cool waters of the falls.. her eyes met his, not hardened and fierce as in the battles they’ve fought together, side by side, no.. now warm and longing.. and he was longing for her.

There in the falls of Rivervale, they embraced and kissed, she explored his elven body as a scout would discover new lands, she wondered in his manhood.. touching.. caressing.. and kissing it ever so gently and smiled innocently up at him as it twitched in her hands and grew erect. He smiled back and lead her from the falls, into the cave, spinning her around to continue their embrace.. his hands wrapped around her as they slowly lay on the ground. Not a word was said between them as her eyes gazed into his and begged him “make love to me”.

Outside the falls, a town deputy’s ears spy commotion by the falls.. grasping his lantern and dagger in hand, he runs to his duty, but he stops short on the path as he hears a young woman sigh “Oh sweet Tunare..” he swallows hard in embarrassment.. and continues on his patrol.

Her soft cries echo in the chamber as she balances on top of her lover, her hips gyrating gracefully on instinct alone, his cock thrusting skyward into her young, soft body, glistening with her juices. His hands guiding her hips, their bodies becoming one, the full moon clears the clouds and shines down upon them as if the gods themselves where watching, and smiling as two of Norrath’s creatures enjoyed each other so completely.

The silence of night broken and lights in the Inn alight as throughout the vale a young human woman’s voice cries out “JETHAL!!”. two shadows scurry from the falls, trying to contain their laughter.