Not all who serve are slaves

Not all who serve are slaves

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She wakes this morning to an unusual sensation.. as her mind clears the fog of sleep, her body trembles and quivers.. a soft sigh escapes her lips.

She reaches down between her legs to find the silken hair of her Lord.. He lays on his firm stomach, his round cheeks in the air as his tongue flicks and licks at her silken folds.

He moans and sighs softly into her as he delights in drinking her warm juices as it flows from her warm pink flesh, like nectar trickling from an exotic flower.

His hands slip under her, kneading her cheeks, his fingers rolling to massage her as his tongue slips into her deep warmth.

This talented tongue curls and rolls within her, his groans and sighs muffled by her, as he flicks and laps deep within, exploring every inch of her glorious sex..

His fingers knead and slip between her cheeks to work toward her pucker as his teeth bare down on her pedals and pull firmly.. he releases and growls as he bares down on her swollen, aching clit.

Slick by her flowing juices, his finger circles her pucker and slowly pushes into her as his tongue flicks quickly at her sex.. he devours her.. putting aside, or simply ignoring pleas to release her from this torment.

Minutes turn to hours.. her head swims in delirium as her cries fill the halls, and echo from nearby trees.. the sheets, once the finest satins.. now shredded tatters of their former glory as she claws at them in uncontrollable lust.

Her eyes roll into her head as one last guttural roar fades to a shaken screech as she surrenders her voice to him as she breaks.. trembling.. panting.. she sobs in hysterics and joy as he releases her.. her mind and body his for the taking..

Holding her in his arms, he strokes her hair as she fights to regain her self.. her breath calms as she closes her eyes and slips into the deep dark of sleep.

Those who hate say Erollisi is Dead..
I say you can not truly kill what you don’t understand..