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Ask the Drunken Dwarf!!

2015-04-04 by in The Show,  , 271 views 

It’s been 4 years since Dufoo and Cheesit opened up the mail bag and dished out some advice, and in this installment, they tell you why.    

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The Dark Lady & Contest!

2014-03-02 by in Contests,  , 917 views 

It’s time for a new Jethal Silverwing Show! Jethal and Elquin chatted it up with Trailblazer “Dark Lady”, admin of the new – She’s building guides to Harvesting and Mining within EQN Landmark – where to go, what to do and what you need when you get there! Download the MP3 Here This week, […]

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And we’re back! This week, Jethal and Elquin sat down.. ok, Skype’d… with Trailblazer Ozymandius – creator of EQNL Building Tutorials. Guys.. he’s in EQN Landmark.. AND an Engineer.. this dude can build! hehe. To see his tutorials, check out his Youtube Channel – Download the MP3 Here  

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One More Show

2013-12-14 by in The Show,  , 541 views 

Jethal and Elquin are joined by the Director of Global Community Relations for Sony Online Entertainment: Linda “Brasse” Carlson! It’s been 13 months since the last live episode of the Jethal Show. What have they been up to? Why did the original show stop? We’ll go into all that and More!  

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The Jethal Silverwing Show

2013-11-23 by in The Show,  , 237 views 

For almost five years, Jethal and Elquinjena brought Music, Mayhem and Madness to the masses in a weekly live podcast, featuring original parody and filk songs, news and happenings in EverQuest2 and had deep meaningful conversations from the folks making it happen in Norrath. We called it quits in 2012, due to real-life commitments and […]

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All Good Things..

2012-11-07 by in The Show,  , 277 views 

They say that “All good things must come to an end”. And, so it is with The Jethal Show. It’s been quite a ride. Five years of madness. We’ve had ups and downs. You, my listeners, have been there for triumph and tragety.. and now, it’s time to bow out. I want to thank Online […]

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No Show: What a day

2012-10-30 by in The Show,  , 217 views 

Sorry, folks – I spent the day moving computer stations to our company’s new office, two blocks away – on top of my regular duties. I’m tired, worn out, hot.. and yeah, in need of a shower. I want you all to enjoy your Halloween tomorrow night! and for the hell of it.. here’s a […]

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The Horror Show

2012-10-22 by in The Show,  , 198 views 

Join Jethal and Elquin this week as we take our annual look at the world of Horror Movies, Nights of the Dead and list our favorite creepy stuff for 2012! Oh, you say that’s not enough? Tonight we’re giving away a copy of “The Devil’s Carnival” (dvd)!! Newly released (10/21/12) and ready to go! How […]

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Halloween Costume Contest

2012-10-14 by in The Show,  , 225 views 

We’re announcing on the Jethal Silverwing Show this week, a new contest! Send Jethal a screenshot of the best “Nights of the Dead” Costume you can come up with in-game, and you could win a DvD of the classic horror movie “Halloween”. Use any combination of your in-game equipment, appearance items, etc.. mix and match, […]

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The Jethal Show

2012-10-02 by in The Show,  , 159 views 

Join us tonight on the Jethal Silverwing Show! Jethal reveals more housing woes.. Elquin lays out another dragon.. Halloween is coming! What’s your costume this year? We wanna know. [Tune In] [Jethals Parodies] [Contact us] [Podcasts] [Facebook] [Twitter] Tuesdays at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific As Always, Join us IN GAME by typing /join antonia_bayle.ogr

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