Legion News:

Frostfell in the Dark Forest

2010-12-07 by in Legion News,  , 91 views 

It’s time for the Legion of Kithicor Frostfell Party!! Tuesday, December 14th 10pm eastern, 7pm pacific time During the Jethal Silverwing Show Legion of Kithicor Guild Hall Teir 3 Hall, Antonica Antonia-Bayle Server Join us for Holiday Cheer!  Gather with old friends, and make some new ones as well!

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Legion Meeting Notes

2010-11-23 by in Legion News,  , 80 views 

So you missed our last meeting. You know the one… Two weeks ago? Yeah that one.. where were you? You missed some great stuff, and even the fresh baked cookies. Did you want to know what happened? Come on, you know you do. I wrote the notes just for you, but first I need payment. […]

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Legion of Kithicor Meeting!!!

2010-11-12 by in Legion News,  , 65 views 

To all Legion of Kithicor members~ We will be meeting this Sunday, November 14th at 3pm PST. Please if you are able to make it we will be in the new meeting circle. If you are not able to attend, I will be providing the minutes for this meeting in our forums. We would like […]

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Ding! Level 90!

2010-10-24 by in Legion News,  , 88 views 

Swords where slashing, Magic flashing, Arrows flying through the air!  Hard work done by all, and I thank you!  The Legion of Kithicor is now Level 90!!

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Guild XP Weekend!

2010-10-21 by in Gaming News,  , 103 views 

Hey!  We got some good news from our CS Goddess, Amnerys It’s a Bonus Guild XP Weekend! Starting at 5:00 pm (PDT) on Friday, October 22nd and ending at 10:00 am (PDT) on Monday, October 25th, players in EQII and EQ2X can gain a 50% bonus on guild XP! Get out there and level up, […]

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A Dragon’s Temper

2010-10-21 by in Legion News,  , 161 views 

Congratulations to Dinon, after a hard fought battle protecting Apprentice Morwynn, he now holds the Dragon’s Temper High in Victory!

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The Missing Gnome… Captive Caught

2010-10-13 by in Adventures,  , 106 views 

It was a fairly ordinary night.  People were milling about, crafting, hunting, questing.. then something was felt in the air.. Santinea felt it first, and fell in a heap.  Then the sister forests of Kithicor sounded the alarm.. the one who betrayed Kithicor is found.  Quickly, Uurson, Rysina and Jethal sprung into action.  Spreading out […]

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September Guild Meeting

2010-09-23 by in Legion News,  , 80 views 

As was sent out via in-game mail.  The Legion of Kithicor has been called to gather. Saturday the 25th 6pm (eastern), 3pm (pacific) Guild Meeting Circle Legion Promotions, The State of the Guild, the Future of the Legion.. all these will be discussed and more.  Bring your RP and be prepared to be shocked, happy, […]

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The Missing Gnome.. Found

2010-09-23 by in Legion News,  , 61 views 

Last night, Santinea was returned to us.. she seems unharmed, physically.. but emotionally distraught.  The usually quite and polite gnome, now lashing out verbally.  Clearly in need of time and rest to recover from her ordeal. For Jethal and Uurson, this matter is far from closed.  Santinea named her kidnapper as Shadowmantic… sadly, one of […]

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A Missing Gnome – Update

2010-09-17 by in Legion News,  , 102 views 

It was after the performances of the Maiden’s Fancy when our friend, Tamriel, came out of the back stage dressing room with something clutched in her hand.  Making a bee-line for the bar, she turned revealed the small, carved, ratongan locket to Ikmacheck, brother of Nikatell. Ikmacheck gasped and said that it was given to […]

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