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A Lonely Gravestone

2014-11-27 by in Gaming News,  , 229 views 

Today, a fan sent me a screenshot from within Kithicor’s Forest in the Phantom Sea. At this location, a lonely grave is located. If you mouse-over the marker, it reads “J.S. may this ranger of the forest find eternal rest”. Holy Shit.. Jethal’s Grave has been found!!  Phantom Sea, Kithicor’s Forest, /way 325, 54, 972 Thank […]

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Keeping a promise

2014-02-10 by in Legion News,  , 179 views 

I made a promise. And has hard as it is.. I’m keeping it. When EQII came out, Elquinjena and I hopped on board with both feet – we explored, we adventured, we crafted. But, the one thing I didn’t do.. was say goodbye to the Legion of Kithicor in EQ1. I made a promise that, […]

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Merry Christmas!

2012-12-23 by in Legion News,  , 210 views 

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM KITHICOR.ORG!! [youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/8GugwfMOjEI”]

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Guild Herbalist

2011-08-01 by in Legion News,  , 138 views 

As of August 1st 2011, the Legion of Kithicor Guildhall contains a Guild Herbalist.  Neville the Fae, can be found at the Great Tree, under the tent with our Guild Harvesters. For a look at the duties of the Herbalist, I invite you to read the articles at. EQ2 Traders EQ2 Wikia

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New Portal Tonga

2011-06-04 by in Legion News,  , 160 views 

This week, we bid a fond farewell to Lakna, the Guild Portal Wizard, who has decided to retire after many years of service to the Legion of Kithicor.  We wish her well in her retirement and thank her for her devotion and loyalty. Taking her place, is Chitter.  A lovely little Ratonga wizard, fresh out […]

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The Jethal Show – Hacked

2011-05-03 by in Legion News,  , 118 views 

Sony Online is in lock down, Public Enemy #1 is Dead, Obama’s Birth Certificate is released.. well, guess the world’s gone to hell in a handbasket, may as well throw some gas on the fire with another 2 hours of incoherent rambling! [Tune In] [Jethals Parodies] [Contact us] [Podcasts] [Facebook] [Twitter] Tuesdays at 10pm Eastern, […]

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Jethal’s SOE’s Webcast

2011-04-01 by in Gaming News,  , 202 views 

HEY, make sure to check out the LIVE Sony Online webcast tonight at 4pm pacific time (7pm eastern) as the Sony Team have an in-depth and controversial interview with.. ME!!  That’s Right!  Jethal will be gracing the big screen behind your normal Webcast Hosts.. we’ll talk about the parody work, kithicor.org, gaming.. and I’ll be […]

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Friends and Allies are welcome to join us Thursday the 31st at 7:30pm (pacific time) for the RP Wedding of Lenna and Ssolaris of the Legion of Kithicor.  Event is to be held at the Legion of Kithicor Guild Forest, off the coast of Antonia on the Antonia_bayle Server of EverQuest 2.. hit the teleportation […]

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Guild Meeting Scheduled

2011-01-10 by in Legion News,  , 174 views 

The Legion of Kithicor is called to meet, once more, in the Circle at the Heart of the Dark Forest. Saturday, January 15th 6pm Eastern (3pm pacific) Legion of Kithicor Guild Hall News and information, Promotions ceremony.  Please make every effort to be there. ~Jethal

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Guild Meeting 12-11

2010-12-10 by in Legion News,  , 134 views 

To All Legion of Kithicor Members~ We will be meeting in our forest on Saturday, December 11th at 3pm PST.  ( 6pm EST, and 11pm GMT)  Please note the change in day of being Saturday! We have a lot to discuss so be ready, and we will all discuss together. There will be cookies, and […]

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