Real Life:

After Fan Faire

2011-07-10 by in Real Life,  , 157 views 

Everything is crated up, and most of the SOE team is now home, or preparing to depart.  So, what about those of us who are left behind? did SOE think about that? No!  That’s why we’ve formed the “What to do after fan faire” panel. Subjects included.. What to do Where to go What to […]

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Day 4: This is the End

2011-07-10 by in Real Life,  , 243 views 

Here it is, last day of the SOE Fan Faire.. what a trip. Attended a few panels, talked to alot of people – pulled a few slot machine handles.. But the highlight, of course, was the final event. Prizes where handed out, achievements marked, thanks given.. and then Brasse started talking about Rangers.. there’s my […]

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Day 3 – A Peice of Cake

2011-07-09 by in Real Life,  , 271 views 

Well, here it is, day 3 of my trip to Vegas, and things are rolling along pretty smooth! I started the day with a nice breakfast at the Sidewalk Cafe in Bally’s, then a good conversation with our old buddy “The Dellmon” in the main hall of the center. Later on I attended the EQII […]

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Day Two of Fan Faire

2011-07-08 by in Gaming News,  , 139 views 

I will say that the 2011 Fan Faire is racking up to be one of my most memorable. I started the day in a meeting with some great people from the community, Breakfast Burritos (yuck) and lunch was “Make your own” sandwiches, Yay Turkey!!  Had some great conversations and lots of good people. Follow that […]

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The First Day

2011-07-06 by in Real Life,  , 220 views 

Well, I’ve made it to Fan Faire, and I’ll tell ya.. this was the best flight I’ve ever had! The drive to SEA-TAC airport was very quick, and I assured Elquinjena that I’d come back in one peice, and she’d be fine without me for a week.. she said she’d invite some girlfriends over for […]

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Sword and Bow App for Android

2011-07-01 by in Real Life,  , 147 views 

My Fellow Rangers, we need not suffer the indignities of falling to those geeks wielding their swords on their smartphones, while you can do nothing but wait for the enevitable slash through our sides.. NO! Now there is an App for we who sling arrows too!  That’s right, at this year’s fan faire, you can […]

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