Real Life:

A Tip for WWE Divas

2015-03-19 by in Real Life,  , 307 views 

I’m all for #GiveDivasAChance – but, how about GiveViewersAShow? First off, I’m not speaking as an “Armchair Champion”. I’m going to speak as a life-long fan of Wrest.. err.. Sports Entertainment. Choose a god damned alignment and stick to it. One of the things I cant stand about the “Divas” division, is that there aren’t […]

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It’s more than a Con.

2015-03-17 by in Real Life,  , 195 views 

For years, we have gathered as gamers, in an anual event that we’ve come to know as “FanFaire” (or more recently, SOELive). Game Conventions are nothing new, hell, they go back to 1967. With the purchase of Sony Online Entertainment (Now “Daybreak”), one of the first cost-costing measures was our convention. I’ve been thinking about […]

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What does EverQuest mean to Me?

2015-02-21 by in Real Life,  , 248 views 

What does EverQuest 2​ mean to me? Some of us have been talking about in-game eastereggs.. Here are some that you may not be aware of.. THIS is what Norrath means to me.. Jeth’s Cuddly Companion – level 40 Ranger Cosmetic Pet. All 3 Ranger Pets were named for people in the EQ1 Ranger community. […]

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Could you Be a Hero?

2014-09-24 by in Adventures,  , 397 views 

This year Jethal and I have joined team SOE Play It Forward with Extra Life to help raise money for kids in need and we need your help. Each person who volunteers to be a part of the Play It forward, picks a local hospital for their donations to go to. We picked Seattle’s Children […]

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A Little Tech Help?

2013-12-08 by in Real Life,  , 185 views 

OK, I’m trying to work out some data storage for the house, not only for my movies, but for general household use. But, I want to make sure I understand this RAID thing before I go through with purchasing any hardware. Raid 0: 2 drives into 1, doubles capacity, no protection. (2)1tb drives, become (1)2tb […]

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RIP William “Paul Bearer” Moody

2013-03-11 by in Real Life,  , 289 views 

Last week, the world of Sports Entertainment lost one of the most recognizable personalities in WWE History. William Moody, was first known to me by his managing persona “Percival Pringle the 3rd”, during his time in World Class Championship Wrestling.  One of the funnier skits revolved around the fact that he billed himself as being from […]

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Raise the Roof

2013-02-27 by in Real Life,  , 115 views 

Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in our attempt to secure a loan to help repair our roof.. the Bank seem to want us to repair it before getting a loan.. which made getting the loan, pointless. /sigh/

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Salute to a Fallen Friend

2013-02-10 by in Real Life,  , 312 views 

Saturday, February 9th, 2012 at 4:13pm.. Chris Jones (aka Wars Sheol) passed from this Earth. As brave and mighty was his sword in Norrath, more so: his bravery in real life. We mourn for the loss of our friend. May he find peace and tranquility in whatever comes next. We honor Chris today, by placing […]

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Donate Blood!

2013-02-06 by in Real Life,  , 361 views 

I think this is a great idea! I haven’t donated blood in a long time.. but this will get me in the chair. Friends of Chris (aka “Wars Sheol” of EverQuest), I would like to ask those of who play Everquest and Everquest II to join me in a player run iniative: a virtual blood drive in […]

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Cheap Glasses?? not too bad

2013-01-19 by in Real Life,  , 330 views 

Two weeks ago, I posted on Facebook that I was looking into getting some inexpensive glasses from a site called Zenni Optical.  Well they just arrived, so let’s have a look OK, I know.. they look totally dorky. As this was only a test of the online service, I ordered the cheapest pair I could. […]

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