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Nights of the Dead Devotee

2010-10-14 by in Adventures,  , 189 views 

This morning I woke from my slumber to the sound of the mail delivery.  I opened the small parcel to reveal a message.. more to the point.. a challenge!  I was to find six Mysterious Objects hidden around Norrath.  So without further delay.. I was off like a shot. Scouring my home city of Qeynos, […]

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GU 58 What I look forward to!!

2010-10-11 by in Gaming News,  , 60 views 

It is that time of year again, you guessed it.. Game update time. GU 58 is coming to a station launcher near you. I am sure by now that you have heard that it is expected to arrive this Tuesday!!! I wanted to take a moment to go over the patch notes that I have […]

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7 Year Veteran Award Annouced

2010-10-04 by in Gaming News,  , 125 views 

SOE Announced the 7 Year Veteran Award, and man, it’s a doozy!!  Welcome to the Mistmoore Crag Estate!!  That’s right, anyone who qualifies as a 7 year veteran of EverQuest2, will recieve.. a new house!!  and not only a house, it’s a massive estate! Not long since I finally completed my Skyblade house.. now I’m […]

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It’s that time of month…

2010-09-19 by in Gaming News,  , 73 views 

That’s right, it’s that time of month again… and the Mushroom Rings are glowing!  Moonlight Enchantments alive in EverQuest 2!  Remember, it only lasts for a short while, so get out there and earn those crystals!

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Fippy Darkpaw – An MMO Legend

2010-09-13 by in Gaming News,  , 1,113 views 

Few NPC’s in the world of Norrath make impacts that make us remember them years later…  Lord Nagafen, the fierce Dragon… Lucan D’Lere the Overlord…  Even young Nathan Ironforge, the annoying brat who wanders Qeynos Harbor. NPC’s are commoners, merchants, combatants, Gods, enemies and allies.. but only one NPC in the EverQuest universe will go […]

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Come to the Faire!

2010-09-01 by in Gaming News,  , 82 views 

This month, the traveling faire brightens the DarkLight Woods, just outside of the Teir’dal city of Neriak.  Jethal paid a visit to the campsite and saw a few new items to trade your City Tokens for.. Take a look at the gallery here and see for yourself! [nggallery id=13]

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Double XP Weekend!

2010-08-30 by in Gaming News,  , 98 views 

This coming weekend, from 10:00 am PDT on Friday, September 3rd, until 10:00 am PDT on Tuesday, September 7th, we will be running a true Double XP promotion (+100% XP). The bonus applies to AA, tradeskill and adventure experience gained this weekend. Our French, German, Japanese, Test and EQ2 Extended servers will also be enjoying […]

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Game Update 57

2010-08-18 by in Gaming News,  , 363 views 

Game Update 57 went live today, and boy.. there’s alot of changes, some you’ll love, some you’ll dislike, some you may there were completely unnecessary..  good, bad or ugly.. here we go!   QUEST REGIONS OF INTEREST Many quests will now highlight areas on the map to show where updates can be obtained. Quests must […]

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Fanfaire on Fanfaire

2010-08-08 by in Gaming News,  , 84 views 

Well, it’s back to the real world, after a great weekend in Vegas. Things were better this year by far.. but, I still had a few issues. Vendors.  We needed more of them, and I mean “little guys”, not the big bus parked in the middle of the floor.. I mean custom artwork, like character […]

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Live from fanfaire!

2010-08-05 by in Gaming News,  , 84 views 

Jethal broadcasts live from fanfaire!  Check out the future!!

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