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March in Norrath

2012-03-01 by in Gaming News,  , 151 views 

From… There are lots of activities and events to participate in this month! And while you’re busy playing, the Dev team is preparing for the Game Update 63: Skyshrine launch. We are already playtesting internally and excited about this release. As we write this, development is wrapping up and we’ll be going to Test […]

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Farewell, Domino..

2012-02-24 by in Gaming News,  , 177 views 

Tradeskill Goddess, turned EQII Associate Producer – Emily “Domino” Taylor, announced today that she is leaving the EverQuest 2 Team at Sony Online Entertainment. They don’t warn you when you get hired to work on an awesome MMO like EQ2 that leaving the job isn’t like quitting McDonald’s; it’s like ripping out your heart and […]

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Double Station Cash

2012-02-22 by in Gaming News,  , 85 views 

For a limited time only, get Double Station Cash

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SOE Pres.Day Events

2012-02-17 by in Gaming News,  , 90 views 

Source: Double XP Weekend! It’s been a love-filled week and it’s also a long weekend for us, so we thought we’d share our joy with a Double XP weekend! This weekend, from Noon PST on Friday, Feb. 17th, until 11:59 pm PST on Monday, Feb. 20th, we will be running a true Double XP […]

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Erollisi Day!

2012-02-05 by in Gaming News,  , 182 views 

Erollisi Day is an annual Live Event which coincides with the Valentine’s Day holiday. It is held in honor and celebration of Erollisi Marr, the Goddess of Marksmanship and Love and sister of Mithaniel Marr, the Truthbringer. The Sisterhood of the Erollisi, along with Aaronolis Swornlove, are active participants in the act of spreading her […]

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Hotfix Tuesday

2012-01-30 by in Gaming News,  , 97 views 

GENERAL Fixed a bug where some characters wouldn’t show on character select. ZONE PROGRESSION / POPULATION Tower of Frozen Shadow (Raid) Tserrina’s spell “Wing Buffet” should no longer cause priests to become knocked back. Adds spawned from shadow doors should no longer spawn quite as quickly. The number of adds that spawn from shadow doors […]

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Events Jan20-27

2012-01-20 by in Gaming News,  , 92 views 

There are always in-game events going on, including some run by Guides, some run by players, and some by the Community Relations Team! Check the in-game calendar for server-wide events, and then visit the forums for additional things to do and see! Have you made plans to attend yet? Player Events Player events are run […]

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Moonlight Enchantments Tonight!

2012-01-19 by in Gaming News,  , 95 views 

Hey home designers, remember – the Moonlight Enchantments event starts tonight at midnight pacific time! Unsure of any new items this month.. but if there is, we’ll let you know! Click Here for our guide to the Moonlight Enchantments

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12 Days of Frostfell Sale!

2011-12-16 by in Gaming News,  , 130 views 

In EverQuest II, we are currently celebrating Frostfell; and for twelve days of Frostfell, as part of the celebration we’re picking one top selling item per day and putting it on sale at a huge discount for that one day only. The items will change over around 9-11am (pacific time) each morning from now until […]

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