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Enjoy this walk through of the Rum Runner instance in Everquest 2, by Elquinjena.. and heckled by Dufoo and Cheesit.

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Wrestlemania Predictions

2015-03-21 by in Gaming News,  , 178 views 

Well, I guess I’ll punish myself with Wrestlemania again this year.. at least it’s only $10 through the WWE Network. I really dont think I would shell out full price ever again, after HHH’s has seemed fit to allow screw jobs at the event, in the last few years. It didn’t used to be that […]

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A Lonely Gravestone

2014-11-27 by in Gaming News,  , 261 views 

Today, a fan sent me a screenshot from within Kithicor’s Forest in the Phantom Sea. At this location, a lonely grave is located. If you mouse-over the marker, it reads “J.S. may this ranger of the forest find eternal rest”. Holy Shit.. Jethal’s Grave has been found!!  Phantom Sea, Kithicor’s Forest, /way 325, 54, 972 Thank […]

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Could you Be a Hero?

2014-09-24 by in Adventures,  , 397 views 

This year Jethal and I have joined team SOE Play It Forward with Extra Life to help raise money for kids in need and we need your help. Each person who volunteers to be a part of the Play It forward, picks a local hospital for their donations to go to. We picked Seattle’s Children […]

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Thoughts on SOE Live 2014

2014-08-23 by in Gaming News,  , 228 views 

Well, we’re a week removed from SOE Live 2014.. Good times, meh times, not-so-good times. Here’s my take! Please note that this is not a convention breakdown, this is simply the thoughts on my experiences. The Bad! Not much in the way of bad this year, honestly. We had a good time. Food Prices. Last […]

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Landmark Beta Keys!

2014-05-30 by in Gaming News,  , 285 views 

Have you been seeing all the posts and images from Jethal and Elquinjena on Facebook? Landmark looks good, doesn’t it? Don’t you want in on this? Now You Can!! This weekend, we sent Cheesit Nibblebuns into SOE Headquarters and he came back with pure gold!  Well, not real gold.. but we have a bunch of […]

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Wild Accounts

2013-09-20 by in Gaming News,  , 192 views 

What wild, incredible, account of bravery or manliness can you spread about Jethal? We want to know! Reply here with your account of unbelievable acts! For example : Jethal once beat Lord Nagafen in Chess Or Jethal once deflowered a maiden with a passing glance The most outrageous (and funny) claim will win a random […]

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SOELive thoughts by Elquinjena

2013-08-08 by in Gaming News,  , 161 views 

The new channeler class at first look, seems to be a very easy and fun class to play. I play tested one and leveled it from 29 to 31 within about 20 minutes . Coming from a Ranger background I was able to slip into the play style pretty quickly. I did take a couple […]

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SOELive Overall Thoughts.

2013-08-04 by in Gaming News,  , 190 views 

Well, Elquin and Jethal went to SOELive 2013! Here are my thoughts.. If you want a comprehensive look at all the happenings, I suguest you seek out or EQHammer, this article is just an overall impression and brief account of happenings.. First off, I’ll say that Planet Hollywood was a lot better than Bally’s. […]

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Double XP Weekend!

2013-07-18 by in Gaming News,  , 188 views 

Get ready for our 67th game update, Darkness Dawns, with a Double Experience Weekend! Adventure, Tradeskill, AA, and Guild XP will be doubled from 12:00pm (Noon) PDT on Friday, July 19 through 11:59pm (Midnight) PDT on Sunday, July 21, 2013. Take advantage of this limited time offer and watch those XP bars fill up! Do you want […]

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