Breaking News: Nutcracker Protest!

2011-11-27 by in Funny,  , 172 views 

Breaking news out of the city of Qeynos, this morning, as Ratongas gather in mass in the town’s Claymore plaza to protest this year’s Frostfell’s production of “The Nutcracker”! Slippy Cheesemuncher, leader of the rally, exclaims outrage and disappointment at the Qeynos Municipal Theater for giving the role of the Mice and Mouse King to […]

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Order of the Stick

2011-10-22 by in Funny,  , 272 views 

Have you all seen this comic series?  The Order of the Stick has been a regular stop for me for a few years now and I highly recommend it for all my gaming friends! Based on a D&D type of game.. the Order of Stick-Figures fight goblins, quest, dungeon crawl and battle their arch-villans, the […]

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