Final Fantasy:

Goodbye Eorzea

2017-06-17 by in Adventures,  , 445 views 

Well, I was losing interest as the game became more and more grinding. For those who know me, grinding drives me up the wall.. in short, I hate it. As of tonight’s patch, they nerfed the shit out of the bard class, took away a great deal of my offensive abilities and turned bards into […]

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I’m Porting Home (Screw it)

2017-03-19 by in Audio Video,  , 424 views 

I generally write songs about lore, or general observations of my time in games.. but, a few of them are actually inspired by actual (in games) events. Last night, I had the displeasure of being in a Duty with the most annoying Shadowknight. He wouldnt wait for anyone to zone in to the various areas […]

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2017-03-18 by in Audio Video,  , 356 views 

Dragonsong – (mp3 Download) Cover of the song by Susan Calloway (for Final Fantasy 14) Children of the land do you hear Echoes of truths that once rang clear Two souls intertwined One true love they did find Bringing land and heavens near But flames that burn full bright, soon fell dark Memories dimmed […]

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The Manderville Dance

2017-03-05 by in Audio Video,  , 431 views 

The Manderville Dance (MP3 Download) Sung to “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga, as sung by Halestorm That Manderville Dance! I need a hero I need a man Who’ll follow clues and foil their plans A Gen-tle-Man With short pants A Gen-tle-Man Detecting plots Uncovering lies Ul’dah Assassins LaNocean Spies A Gentle Man With short […]

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The Sound of Violence

2017-03-03 by in Audio Video,  , 590 views 

Sound of Violence- by Jethal – Sung to “The Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkle MP3 Download Hello Titan, my old freind. We’ve come to face you once again. But your stomping all but shattering. the platform where we have all standing. We’re thrown, like stars in the blackest night, then we die. […]

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A Rose for Lady Amandine

2016-11-12 by in Audio Video,  , 467 views 

Lady Amandine by Jethal – Sung to “Tomorrow Wendy” by Concrete Blonde MP3 Download She dances sweet A lady lovely heart and mind Her love descrete Soft lines flow in her recline Incomplete Grace and poise, true define.. Star light, kissed with wine A rose for Lady Amandine Calamady, a darkness shrouds the bluest sky […]

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Why Final Fantasy XIV?

2016-06-29 by in Adventures,  , 424 views 

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything… here’s what’s up. I left EverQuest II after living in the lands of Norrath for 11 years (15 years if you count EverQuest I). That’s a long time. At first, I thought I just needed a break. That break went from days, to weeks, to months.. […]

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