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Prime Grappler Giveaway!

2014-02-19 by in Landmark,  , 91 views 

Sorry! It looks like all the codes have been used. Keep an eye on kithicor.org – if i get any more goodies, i’ll post it here! Thanks Sony!   Well, I was considering running a contest for these codes, redeemable for a Prime Grappler in EverQuest Next Landmark.. but, they’re only redeemable in Alpha! And […]

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Get the Founder’s Pack!

2014-02-12 by in Landmark,  , 60 views 

Get the EverQuest Next Founder’s Pack today!  

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Landmark Alpha – First Thoughts

2014-02-08 by in Landmark,  , 163 views 

SOE has lifted NDA on Landmark, so here we go! Now, first let me say that we’re in the “Alpha stage” – which means SOE is still working on this, and there’s a lot more to come. Here are a few first thoughts on what I’ve seen so far. Warnings I’m sure there will be […]

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