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Come Play the Maze Game! Come the NeverLeave Cemetery & Crematorium Located on Serenity-Shield east of the hub where the Old Growth meets the Tundra or look me up on the Gallery under Elquinjena. Enter the maze from the cemetery and exit through my work area. This time around there is a twist, there are […]

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Want to win a Feather in a Bottle?

2014-06-01 by in Contests,  , 362 views 

Then come play the Maze game. Follow the rules for your chance to win! Maze Game Located in the NeverLeave Cemetery & Crematorium On Serenity-Shield Enter the maze from the Cemetery, check the eye color of the face on the wall. Green means game is going. Red means game has not reset yet. Make your […]

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Still Looking for a Lunar Anklet?

2014-05-15 by in Contests,  , 185 views 

Still Looking for a Lunar Anklet? Well your in luck because Jethal and I have a few to give away! All you have to do is Find Me or Jethal in game and visit either of us in person, tell us why you think Landmark the Game is Awesome! We will then post your name […]

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Largest Swapmeet in Landmark

2014-04-19 by in EverQuest Next,  , 217 views 

Located on the Liberation – Rift landmass, just south of the hub you will find the largest swap-meet I have seen so far in Landmark. Covering 12 claims, Dasilva and his wife Freyia have been busy maintain this large and lovely swap-meet. Their Swap-meet is only open to the public for template coping during the […]

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EQNL – Surefall Glade

2014-03-17 by in Landmark,  , 278 views 

So… What’s Jethal been up to in EverQuest Next Landmark? Surefall Glade..

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Just a my little home away from home on Serenity – Shield Nothing fancy, or breath taking. Just my home away from home in EQN Landmark. If nothing else the views are nice. My Tree do watch over my place, but their bark is worse than their bite. HA! So if you find your self […]

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15 MORE Prime Grappler to Giveaway!

2014-03-14 by in Contests,  , 165 views 

Have been handed out! Well folks I still have 15 codes to hand out. My adventures on the servers was met with a mix of interest and crickets. I was also not able to make it to Serenity to give those out due to a patch that day. SO…. All you have to do is […]

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And the winners are…

2014-03-10 by in Contests,  , 205 views 

During the last week, we held a contest with prizes including Trailblazer and Explorer Packs for EQN Landmark. Tonight, using RandomPicker.com – we tallied the winners! So, congratulations to Michael Schwartz (Trailblazer Pack + Prime Grappler) Ergin Ekin Celik (Explorer Pack + Prime Grappler) Ryukishine (Explorer Pack + Prime Grappler) Thank you for participating! Elquinjena […]

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Prime Grappler Giveaway!

2014-03-02 by in Contests,  , 216 views 

Want a chance to win a Prime Grappler Hook? Join me in the General Chat channel on your server listed below and be ready to play a little game with me and answer the following question: Go to kithicor.org, listen to the podcast titled The Jethal Show – Learning with Ozymandius and be one of […]

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The Dark Lady & Contest!

2014-03-02 by in Contests,  , 652 views 

It’s time for a new Jethal Silverwing Show! Jethal and Elquin chatted it up with Trailblazer “Dark Lady”, admin of the new http://eqnextcenter.com – She’s building guides to Harvesting and Mining within EQN Landmark – where to go, what to do and what you need when you get there! http://kithicor.org/download/show/new/20140302.mp3 Download the MP3 Here This week, […]

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