The Dark Lady & Contest!

2014-03-02 by in Contests,  , 916 views 

It’s time for a new Jethal Silverwing Show! Jethal and Elquin chatted it up with Trailblazer “Dark Lady”, admin of the new – She’s building guides to Harvesting and Mining within EQN Landmark – where to go, what to do and what you need when you get there! Download the MP3 Here This week, […]

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Meme Contest!

2013-01-16 by in Contests,  , 286 views 

This MEME is a new classic – and fitting on a lot of levels.  People have been altering this image to express how they think board meetings MUST play out.. (Here are some examples) So, here’s what you need to do.. In panel #2 – add your own idea of how Game Development Meetings happen.. […]

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Costume Contest

2012-10-02 by in Contests,  , 105 views 

As we announced on The Jethal Show tonight, we’re hosting a Costume Contest!! We want to see the greatest Halloween Costume you’ve ever worn. Could be 2012, could be when you were seven.. we dont care. The costume we deem the best will win. What will you win?? One of Jethal’s favorite Horror Movies on […]

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EQ2 Caption Contest

2012-09-28 by in Contests,  , 188 views 

From The final month of the Facebook Quest is in full swing! If you help increase EverQuest II’s likes by 3,000 before October 10th, everyone who has logged in to game since going free-to-play will receive a Gigglegibber Goblin Illusion Stone. And that’s not all! Remember this is a competition between EverQuest and EverQuest […]

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Trust Me – a song contest entry

2012-07-11 by in Contests,  , 113 views 

“SPEAK (OR SING) OF THE DEVIL!” [pro-player width=’640′ height=’480′ type=’video’][/pro-player] The creators of a wicked new film are seeking a few brave singers! Director Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II-IV) and writer/actor Terrance Zdunich (REPO! The Genetic Opera) invite you to sing your souls out for THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL. They want to hear your cover of […]

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TDC Lyric Contest

2012-05-22 by in Contests,  , 108 views 

CONGRATULATIONS TO (#14)Devina Taylor, WHO WON THE POSTER 6/5/12! Tonight on The Jethal Silverwing Show we’re announcing a contest where YOU can win a full sized Movie Poster for The Devil’s Carnival, signed by Terrance Zdunich and Darren Lynn Bousman.. here’s what we want you to do! Go to The Devil’s Carnival website, and listen […]

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2012-03-07 by in Contests,  , 193 views 

CONGRATULATIONS TO SPLINTYR of the BUTCHERBLOCK SERVER Elquinjena has gotten Jethal killed many many times.. some times it was tragic, some times it was dumb.. and other times it was halarious! We’re asking our fans to put their (characters) bodies on the line! Send us a screenshot of a funny or creative way of dying […]

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Holiday Contest #3!

2011-12-13 by in Contests,  , 142 views 

CONGRATULATIONS LEEROYX of the ANTONIA BAYLE SERVER!! ——————————————- Frostfell Contest #3! Caption This Image! (yes, again, yes!) What’s this?? Nathan Ironforge’s tongue is stuck to a sheet of ICE?? What could Jethal find so funny about that? That’s up to YOU! Add a caption Using whatever image editing software you may have.. Photoshop, Paintshop, etc.. […]

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Holiday Contest #2!

2011-12-06 by in Contests,  , 200 views 

Frostfell Contest #2! Caption This Image! (again, yes!) This time, Santa (Father Frostfell) is meeting with Dufoo, the Drunken Dwarf. Ya know, neither one of them look thrilled.. Dufoo has presented Santa with this Frostfell Wish List. What is Santa saying to Dufoo to make our local dwarf scowl like that? That’s up to YOU! […]

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Holiday Contest #1!

2011-12-03 by in Contests,  , 254 views 

Frostfell Contest #1! I was going to run a series of contests on Facebook only, but then figured that would leave some folks out of the running, so we’ll just do it here at! CAPTION THIS PICTURE!! That’s right.. Santa (Father Frostfell) has pop’d up behind Cheesit and has said something to him to […]

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