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New Song: Frostfell in Freeport

2013-12-20 by in Audio Video,  , 75 views 

Frostfell in Freeport (MP3 Download) – Filk sung to “Christmas at Ground Zero” by Weird Al It’s Frostfell time in Freeport There’s magic in the snow The kids are playin, while mom and dad are stayin Warm by a fire’s glow It’s Frostfell time in Freeport The Overlord is pissed The Grump took his […]

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Frostfell Songs!

2013-12-01 by in Audio Video,  , 102 views 

It’s that time of year again and Jethal’s here with the Christmas Cheer!  Enjoy!!

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New Song – Gate Back

2013-11-26 by in Audio Video,  , 82 views 

Gate Back (MP3 Download) – Filk, sung to “Get Back” by the Beatles Fippy was a Gnoll, he said he wanted vengence. Planned to take the Qeynos Gate Fippy was courageous but he wasn’t patient Went solo ’cause he couldnt wait Gate back, gate back Gate back to where your toon spawned from Gate back, […]

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New Song: Clockworks

2013-10-07 by in Audio Video,  , 66 views 

Clockworks (MP3 Download) – Parody of “The Fox” by Ylvis Gnolls go grrr Bears go growl Aviaks squak and the Bixies Buzz Goblins Grunt, Dryads sigh, and the dragons roar and roar Sirens sing, Sharks go splash and the meatbeast moos like cows But there’s a sound, understood by gnomes.. WHAT CLOCKWORKS SAY!? (EQ […]

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EverQuest Next Song

2013-08-11 by in Audio Video,  , 99 views 

EverQuest Next (MP3 Download) – Filk, sung to “I want your sex” by George Michael There’s things that they tell us and things we dont know There’s things that we must have and things that we dont There’s Familiar Faces and names that we know But Timelines gonna change aaand It’ll be all new, […]

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Big Bags (Video)

2013-08-06 by in Audio Video,  , 75 views Get a Big Sack (MP3 Download / Youtube Video) – Parody of Baby got Back by Sir Mix Alot – For the 2013 SOELive Event [youtube_sc url=””] (Video: Yes, the first few moments are black screen, as they were played out on the stage at SOE Live) I like Big Bags, of a giant size […]

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New Song: The Adventurers

2013-08-05 by in Audio Video,  , 65 views The Adventurers [MP3 Download] – Filk, sung to “Goodbye Earl” by the Dixie Chicks Once upon a time, in a faraway land there was a halfling, caught in a maze. With Evil Eyes and Goblin Spies He was lost and caught in the fray. Once upon a time, in a faraway land There once […]

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EQ2: Walking Dead

2013-03-30 by in Audio Video,  , 61 views 

Well, people seemed to like my EQ2 parody of the Game of Thrones opener.. then Greg Spence (of Sony Online Entertainment) commented that I should do one for The Walking Dead. and here it is! [youtube_sc url=”″]

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I want a new Merc

2013-03-25 by in Audio Video,  , 58 views I want a new Merc. (MP3 Download Here) – Parody of I want a new drug by Huey Lewis I want a new Merc One that looks real slick One that’ll have my back And take’m out, real quick I want a new Merc One that’ll take a hit One that’ll guard my flanks […]

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