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It’s time for Frostfell Music!

2014-12-01 by in Audio Video,  , 157 views 

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New Song: I Craft

2014-11-08 by in Audio Video,  , 95 views 

I Craft – the Tradeskiller’s Song – Sung to “I Ran” By Flock of Seagulls I take a plank and trim and inch Making bows and arrows all for you Make it all for you With tinkered cogs, i’ll grab my wrench Thingy-ma-bobs and Divining Rods point true.. Make it all for you.. I craft.. I craft […]

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Klak’anon Clockworks

2014-09-14 by in Audio Video,  , 95 views 

Having had great fun playing “Portal” and “Portal2”, I decided to record a new song, from a EverQuestII clockworks’s perspective. There are two versions of the song for you to enjoy. First was recorded using myown voice. The 2nd was completely computer generated (simulating GLaDOS from Portal) – both were run through similar program that […]

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SOE Live – Jethal Performs

2014-08-20 by in Audio Video,  , 51 views 

BBBBAAAARRRKKKK!!!!! You humans will pay for ruining our homeland! GRRRRRR!! Family Darkpaw of the Sabretooth Clan will slay you all!! BARK!

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Froglok Hero!

2014-08-15 by in Audio Video,  , 123 views 

Rising from the muck of Innothule Swamp, one warrior, one hero, one Frog.. As seen on the big screen at the SOELive event in Las Vegas, Mysterious Ranger Productions presents.. Froglok Hero! [youtube_sc url=””]

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Casting Call!

2014-06-14 by in Audio Video,  , 55 views 

Calling all inspiring Norrathian actors! Jethal and Elquinjena are ramping up for a new video production which will span.. EverQuest, EverQuest 2 and Landmark! What do you have to do? Keep an eye out here for a date and time for shooting. What are we looking for? EverQuest: Frogloks Trolls EverQuest 2: Evil Races Frogloks […]

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Vox and Nagafen

2014-03-19 by in Audio Video,  , 91 views 

The touching story of Dragon Love.. the Greatest Love Story in Norrath. Download the MP3 Here There once was a Dragon… Lord Nagafen was exiled from the Ring of Scale for, as the stories say, attempting to mate with a white dragon. Despite being exiled, Nagafen’s power reached far an wide. For many years, […]

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Music Video: EQN Landmark

2014-03-09 by in Audio Video,  , 79 views 

[youtube_sc url=””] Mysterious Ranger Productions is proud to present a Music Video to Jethal’s song “EQN Landmark” (based on Radioactive by Imagine Dragons). Inspired by and celebrating the incredible work being done by the Alpha Testers of EverQuest Next Landmark. Please remember, when signing up for EQNLandmark, use the Promo Code “JETHAL88”

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The EQN Landmark Song

2014-02-12 by in Audio Video,  , 74 views 

EQN Landmark Filk, sung to “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons (MP3 Download) Whoa, oh, oh Whoa, oh, oh Whoa, oh, oh Whoa I’m raking in, dirt and rock I’m taking gems and trees for my stock I’m building up my locale (oh oh) A castle wall, a simple house, marking my whereabouts. Oh with this, […]

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A little bit Country

2014-01-04 by in Audio Video,  , 59 views 

A little bit Country (A little bit Drunken Dwarf) (MP3 Download Here) – Filk, sung to “A little bit country (A little bit Rock and Roll)” by Donny and Marie Osmond I’m a little bit country I’m a little bit rock and roll I’m a little bit hunting and craftin I like to kill […]

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