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Videos from FanFaire

2010-08-10 by in Audio Video,  , 69 views 

We had some great times at Fanfaire, some of which got caught on video.. here are a few examples..  Sorry guys, you refused to pay the blackmail.  👿 Jethal on the Podcast Panel (watch) Jethal Singing Live at the Karaoke Party (watch) Santinea Singing Live at Karaoke Party (watch) Winter Singing Live at the Karaoke […]

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Bad Instance

2010-08-05 by in Audio Video,  , 91 views 

Just in time for Fan Faire!  Jethal releases a new song!! Bad Instance {MP3} –Parody of “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga Whoa oo ooa ooooo oh Grouped in a Bad In-stance Whoa oo ooa ooooo oh Grouped in a Bad In-stance Ra Ra-ah-ah-ah Roma Roma-ma Mamma, Oh la-la A Bad-Group In-Stance I want your loot […]

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WoW Widow Vengence (major freakout)

2010-06-14 by in Audio Video,  , 114 views 

Please join me in laughing hysterically at this guy.  Now, apparently, this guy’s girlfriend has completely had it with his addiction to WoW, and while he’s stepped out for a minute.. She deletes all his toons.. the Freak out is great, but I don’t want to be in her shoes when he finds out it […]

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Live Singing!

2010-06-10 by in Audio Video,  , 75 views 

I finally got a new webcam that works with win7.. So tonight I decided to go ahead and record a video of me singing FIPPY in 2 part harmony.  Enjoy!

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I Love Hunting Gnolls!

2010-06-01 by in Audio Video,  , 81 views 

Mysterious Ranger Productions proudly presents the latest Music Video by Elquinjena!  I Love Hunting Gnolls was Jethal’s first gaming parody, and today we’re happy to share with you the long-awaited video!  Directed, Edited, Shot and Cursed at, by Elquin!  Many Many thanks to everyone who participated!  As always, make sure to watch the credits! [pro-player […]

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Local Strangers

2010-05-21 by in Audio Video,  , 72 views 

We at are very happy to be able to bring you 2 songs by “Local Strangers”.  A small band from Canada, who we’ve featured during our music breaks, in the last new months.  Many thank yous to “Tamriel” of the Antonia Bayle Server, the lead singer for the band, for these MP3’s Run Jane […]

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I am looking for cast members for our next video, the song I am using is I Love Hunting Gnolls.  Need 10 people who can be gnolls. Need to be able to FD or have hair of dog. Need 2-3 shaman and 2-3 druids Dancers 5-6 who have the new dance moves, and willing to […]

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New Song! Dont Forget the Ranger

2010-05-02 by in Audio Video,  , 64 views 

Jethal Silverwing proudly releases a New Song! Don’t Forget the Ranger {MP3} Parody of “Don’t Look Back in Anger” by Oasis A song about an Out-Of-Control Tank leading his group deep into trouble and repeatedly getting the Ranger killed. Jump into the battle and fight And we just might, Live for one more day Our […]

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New Song Release!

2010-03-19 by in Audio Video,  , 103 views 

Ever been in a big hurry, running around doing quests in Paineel and …just happened to miss the corner and send yourself plummeting to your death?  We Have, and Jethal proudly presents his latest musical tribute… Falling Off the Edge (MP3 Download) – parody of “Living on the Edge” by Aerosmith There’s something wrong in […]

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New Song Released!

2010-03-11 by in Audio Video,  , 99 views 

With the Brew Day festival going on, we have a nice set of quests to partake of, and a few of them have us going around harvesting for ingredients, the rare of which is the Emerald Clover.  So, I present the 2010 Brew Day song.. Emerald Clovers (MP3 File HERE)! Emerald Clovers, by Jethal Silverwing […]

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