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Just a my little home away from home on Serenity – Shield Nothing fancy, or breath taking. Just my home away from home in EQN Landmark. If nothing else the views are nice. My Tree do watch over my place, but their bark is worse than their bite. HA! So if you find your self […]

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The Festival of Discord (AB)

2012-11-01 by in Adventures,  , 257 views 

The Festival of Discord will be held on the Antonia Bayle Server from Nov 4th – 10th.. i’ll let this poster speak for itself More information can be found at This Link

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Nights of the Dead Devotee

2012-10-11 by in Adventures,  , 177 views 

This morning I woke from my slumber to the sound of the mail delivery. I opened the small parcel to reveal a message.. more to the point.. a challenge! I was to find six Mysterious Objects hidden around Norrath. So without further delay.. I was off like a shot. Scouring my home city of Qeynos, […]

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The Box..

2012-09-02 by in Adventures,  , 106 views 

Who could forget the infamous words.. from “Pinhead” of the Hellraiser franchise. Well, as most of you know, Elquinjena gave Jethal the brass etchings that go to The Lament Configuration for our anniversary, and this weekend I was able to finish it!! The Box.. You opened it.. We came!

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EQ2 Food Ideas??

2011-10-18 by in Adventures,  , 100 views 

The world of EverQuestII has a wide variety of food and drink productions that our provisioners can make.. what do you think we can bring into the real world? Batwing Crunchies?  Den Mother’s Trail Mix?  What ideas do you have?  Reply to this post with Your ideas for recipies!!

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Dangers In Steamfont

2011-08-01 by in Adventures,  , 132 views 

Steamfont Mountains – While many Norrathian Adventurers run about and enjoy the festivities of TinkerFest, there are those who take exception to the event coordinators. And those people are.. people with TETANUS! All one needs to do is look at this image (to the right) to see that Gnomeland Security is decorated in dozens of […]

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Well this Stinks!

2011-07-22 by in Adventures,  , 174 views 

The World of Norrath, in EverQuest 2, boasts significant advances in Tinkering and civilization across the lands.  But there is one aspect of our virtual lives that we seem to be missing. Where the crap are the bathrooms? The only bathroom in the entirety of our virtual world seems to be a strange room in […]

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Toxic Slugs almost Extinct!

2011-06-29 by in Adventures,  , 96 views 

Zoologists in Qeynos report that the number of Toxic Slugs in the Pet Bog are dangerously low. One theory looks carefully at the practices of local man, Foster Graham, of Nettleville, who’s obsession of his appearance has lead to countless Toxic Slugs being wiped out. The poison glands of the Toxic Slugs are the primary […]

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Jethals Leaper Vid

2011-06-24 by in Adventures,  , 114 views 

[pro-player type=’video’][/pro-player] Here’s a video demonstration of the new Leaper mounts! The Quest is Here

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The Festival of Unity!

2011-06-18 by in Adventures,  , 105 views 

[pro-player][/pro-player] It’s time for the Festival of Unity! June 19-25 Antonica, Outside of Qeynos Antonia Bayle Server EverQuest2 For the calendar of Events, make sure to visit the FoU offical site on Guild Portal (click here)

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