The Isle of Kithicor

The Isle of Kithicor

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Isle of Kithicor
– Sung to “The Thunder Rolls” by Garth Brooks

I gaze into the darkness
of a cold and endless night
Whipped by the cold spray
of a ocean’s stinging bite

Dark clouds bring rain fall
an erie misty site
What can I do, where will I go?
How can I face this plight..
When I reach the shore..
The Isle of Kithicor..

On the docks, they’ll greet me
or will they turn me cold
On that dark and ancient Isle
Will my fate unfold..

They say that the dead will rise
They say that blood will flow
Bloody footprints blaze your path
and the sky is filled with crows
and they say more..
The Isle of Kithicor..

A bloody battle rages
Waged by unresting souls
‘ore the dark horizon
A distant bell does toll.

The passes wind, the keep steeps high
The game, My turn begins..
Reliving endless torments
Replaying ancient sins..
As I reach the shore.. of Kithicor..

Kithicor.. we must atone
Send a chill, through the risen bones..
A pirate ship, off the curs-ed shore
What horrors wait.. in kithicor..

Kithicor.. oh webs that bind
a distant cry, the fallen rise..
Unholy sites, shake to our core
Deep in the heart. Of Kithicor..

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